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  • local standards passed the final Appeal
    local standards passed the fin

    local standards compiled by Group’s Industrial logistics division recently passed the final Appeal of the provincial quality supervision departments of local standards.The main drafters, director of the industrial logistics division office for Stan [详细]

  • Ten bonus make our bonded logistics center a better place
    Ten bonus make our bonded logi

    At the end of 2015 , Shanxi government issued the document \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the port-business to support development of foreign trade\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" (Jin Zheng Fa [2015] No. 48), files can tell from multiple angles [详细]

  • Legislation of Standards and rapid growth of Business
    Legislation of Standards and r

    2016 is the first year for the Group listing.December 31, 2015, the group held its annual meeting. At the meeting, principal in each division had made a plan seriously for the work in 2016 , then signed documents of responsibility aims with the Group [详细]

  • Fanglue Group successfully held the 2016 New Year's Eve
    Fanglue Group successfully hel

    After nearly a month of preparation, Fanglue Group in 2016 \\\\\\\"Unity praises to create excellence,\\\\\\\" New Year\\\\\\\'s Eve ceremony was held in the evening of 31 December 2015 6:30, all Group employees gather around to spend a good time [详细]

  • All 6 Division in Group held 2015 annual debriefing conference
    All 6 Division in Group held 2

    According to the group arrangement, December 28-29 , 2015, the six Division in group staff have held the 2015 annual debriefing conference, the staff under the vice president in division and the VP themselves had debriefed in the scene. The group lea [详细]

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