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"Foreign goods street", is the strategy bonded logistics center to carry out national and provincial and municipal transformation in the new period of the development of the general requirements, in the map of houma development zone established by the "big electrical and mechanical, electrical, health" of the three industrial clusters of linkage development strategy under the guidance, comprehensive and relying on the special customs surveillance zone approved by the state public platform advantage, closely combining with the actual dedicates in our province is one of the domestic rare, with characteristic of international large-scale import and export commodity warehousing, simple processing, display and trading, packaging and distribution across the street.At the same time it will be with the "foreign goods wharf" organic combination, complement each other, dislocation development, the formation of the Chinese and foreign high-quality import and export commodity expo city, trade city.

Project is located in development zone of navy street no. 1, the program covers an area of 365 mu, total construction area of 320000 ㎡.Main construction: the high-end import and export commodities, ordinary goods, culture, community life commodity, ali amorous feelings of the mall, office, young zone, the elderly apartment area, leisure fitness area, entertainment theater area, central garden and supporting facilities, etc.


Project will start before the end of the year in 2015, built in the end of 2017.

In addition to the commodity show trading function, it will also combine cultural exchange, venture investment, leisure life is an organic whole, and fully integrated into the jin culture characteristics, must be people in the Midwest a good place for shopping, tourism, business, leisure, will is the momentum of social and economic development, the new bright spot.