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"Foreign goods" pier, bonded logistics center is a general plan for the further implementation of the development of the new period, transition state and provinces and cities, the map of houma municipal party committee, municipal government proposed "south yiwu, a map of houma north" macro strategy under the guidance of fully relying on the special customs surveillance zone approved by the state "two head out", "within the territory of the commissioner of public platform advantages, closely combining with the actual dedicates in our province before a domestic rare, bonded commodities trading and logistics distribution, international large-scale import and export goods of the bonded goods storage after the mix of retail, merchandising and distribution center, a direct consumer shopping platform, a foreign high-quality goods through the Midwest market of exhibition, marketing and warehousing and logistics center.


Project is located in houma meadow street no. 1260, covers an area of 277.52 mu, the main construction: commodity exhibits, commodity trading, Internet financial services, food inspection and research and development center, consumer goods distribution center, national commodity operations area, the dining, the lodgings life service area etc.


Construction began in September 2015, project has been built in operation by the end of 2016.


Will be after the completion of the project under the customs, the highly regulated, with overseas international procurement division belongs to a strong professional procurement and marketing team, integrated optimization of logistics resources and global manufacturers and distributors at home and abroad, strict selection, to buy goods;Relying on Internet technology + electricity + financial, the entities of the most popular shop and electrical business combination of direct sales model, with fast and convenient online and offline the perfect combination of high quality services, provide customers with "high quality, excellent health, price cheap, super service" of the products and services.The construction of the project will run for provinces and cities "six big development" strategy, houma "three three" positive contributions to the realization of the strategic objectives.


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