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The competition of market is is the competition of talent in the final analysis. Talent is the most valuable wealth of enterprise, the the key to the success of business is the people.


To focus on training and reserve a large number of management personnel and the business backbone having both ability and political integrity, loving one's work and being devoted to it, loyal to Fanglue.


At the same time of determining posts and fixing duty, according to the principle of management accounting, we calculate the contribution of each post on the company's profits, carry out the competitive post system on the basis of the salary determined, strive to push post wage system, form a truly atmosphere of  "get the post by competition, the income by performance, do pay do return".


Through the establishment of learning organization, make our employees' knowledge and skills constantly updated, so as to win the lasting competitive advantage.




Make the Fanglue team into a good team with spirits of cohesive force, centripetal force and professional ethics.


By building an advanced enterprise culture, we build a team rich in learning ability and fighting capacity.