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  • Mother and Baby Products Add New Product
    Mother and Baby Products Add N

    New Year new atmosphere, on January 1, 2016, the "total two children" policy implementation across the country, the state encourages couples to have two children.With the implementation of the major policy, China's demand for [详细]

  • Beijing yuantong express company vice general manager Fang SongMing Inspection
    Beijing yuantong express compa

    Graph: group supervision supervision minister who keep up with the new warehouse in the zone for Fang Songming before (left), general manager of a line to introduce situation2016 February 24, Shanghai yuantong express delivery company deputy general [详细]

  • Network Information Center Organizational Training
    Network Information Center Org

    Group company website is advertising platform, make more people know aboutGroup company. In 2015, To forgroup company need, the collectivization management, business operation, network operations business with science and technology innovation as the [详细]

  • Vice Chairman Ma Ziqiang went Geraldton, Australia to study cooperation
    Vice Chairman Ma Ziqiang went

    February 10, 2016, the very beginning of Chinese New Year. Group Vice Chairman Ma Ziqiang went to Australia to study cooperation across the oceans with a New Year\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s blessing.Vice Chairman Ma Ziqiang in the city of Geraldton [详细]

  • Leader go to the front line to give the Spring Festival condolences blessing
    Leader go to the front line to

    Condolences to The Container WorkteamCondolences to fertilizer loading site in A warehouseCondolences to dining room in B districtCondolences to customer representative in Erlian stationsCondolences to janitor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s room in Hehuan streetAt the [详细]

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