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Leader go to the front line to give the Spring Festival condolences blessing
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Condolences to The Container Workteam

Condolences to fertilizer loading site in A warehouse

Condolences to dining room in B district

Condolences to customer representative in Erlian stations

Condolences to janitor's room in Hehuan street


At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the Minister of the Group Audit Department supervision WeiGenshang, vice president of logistics operations division Industrial Guo Liqin, Zhang Guobao and entourage production and business line to make condolences, sending the holiday greetings and New Year greetings to employees fighting in the front line too.


They visited the crossings in B district, the pound room, duty scheduling, safety supervision duty, container operations teams, marketing, station duty room, machine repair classes, materials warehouse, electric vehicles stockpiling warehouse, A warehouse fertilizer working site, etc. and of a bayonet, left behind at the station, monitoring center, etc. all of us stick to the post during the holiday season, serious work thanked New Year blessing for everyone, and they want to draw attention to the safety during the holiday season, attention to connect organically while working, strengthen communication, to ensure that all work properly.The crowd showed their emotion  deeply to Division leaders and the Group in thanks,they will be assured that will do the festival work,at last wish Fanglue a grand vision and a better future in new year.