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  • Letv Vice Chairman LiRui Visit to Group Cooperation
    Letv Vice Chairman LiRui Visit

    Li,vicechairmanoftheboardofdirectors(secondfromleft)beforethegroupportparkbayonettolistentothestrategygroupofstaffOnMarch3,2016Letvholdingsvicechairmanlilineoffourpeopletoplangrouponbothsidesofthewhole,multi-levelkeycooperationforfieldtrips,groupchai [详细]

  • Kazakstan Yetruibay Company Chairman Yedrui Harry Vist To Group Cooperation
    Kazakstan Yetruibay Company Ch

    Yetruibay Company Chairman Yedrui Harry (third left) visit togroup port zoneIn order to fully respond to a nation to strengthen the strategy of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"area\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" all the way to seek business opportunities in the go out, please come in a [详细]

  • Mongolia largest iron ore importer steel exporters to group cooperation
    Mongolia largest iron ore impo

    All the way in the national \\\\\\\"area\\\\\\\" under the guidance of strategy, to continue into the \\\\\\\"area\\\\\\\", consolidate the expanding both the basis of cooperation with Mongolia, looking for new business opportunities at the same t [详细]

  • International Procurement President Yu Yanti Join 2016 Italy GOLOSITALIA
    International Procurement Pres

    In order to further expand the international market, foreign goods for group FMCG expand purchasing back to the more high-quality goods, recently, the group's international procurement operations business President YuYan reportedly moved to It [详细]

  • Luantuo Red Wine of Italy Arrived in China Port
    Luantuo Red Wine of Italy Arri

    Group imported Italian been lai chateau wine arrive lianyungang portAfter unpacking and then transferred to the warehouse store waiting for transitFrom Italy been with flower chateau strategy group since the end of last year in shanxi taiyuan success [详细]

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