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  • Fanglue group with Atria and Areva group Formally signed in Beijing
    Fanglue group with Atria and A

    Since 2015, the strategy group in the national open still wider to the outside world policy under the guidance, insist on one body two wings \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", explore the cross-border road to the all-round development of FMCG.Into 2016, carry out the cons [详细]

  • Chengdu of the 94th session of the national sugar and wine trade fair
    Chengdu of the 94th session of

    The national sugar and wine will become the bellwether of the food industry development of our country already, through a year two session of trading activities and trade BBS, can reveal the consumers and the market demand for the drinks brand new si [详细]

  • group has won excellent city industry and commerce chamber of commerce medal
    group has won excellent city i

    The Houma federation of industry and commerce working mettingFor group 2015 Excellent member enterprise the signboardOn March 8,2016, houma association and the chamber of commerce in huaxiang shopping plaza 8 floor meeting room 2015 annual work summa [详细]

  • Xining Changfeng Company Yu Shaojie Inspection Cooperation To The Group
    Xining Changfeng Company Yu Sh

    OnMarch8,2016inqinghaixiningWuMaochangfenggroupco.,LTD.,vicegeneralmanagerofYuShaojielineofinvestigationandcooperation,togroupgroupvicechairmanandindustriallogisticsoperationsbusinessPresidentMaZijiang,industriallogisticsoperationsbusinessmanagementv [详细]

  • RiZhao Port Container Company, Group Marketing Company Inspection Cooperation
    RiZhao Port Container Company,

    SecretaryoftherizhaoportcontainercompanyWangXiang(fourthright),groupmarketingcompanygeneralmanagerQinXubo(thirdleft),infrontofthegategroupphotoOn February 28, 2016, rizhao port container, secretary of the company is introduced, group marketing Qin Xu [详细]

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