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Fanglue Group successfully held the 2016 New Year's Eve
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After nearly a month of preparation, Fanglue Group in 2016 "Unity praises to create excellence," New Year's Eve ceremony was held in the evening of 31 December 2015 6:30, all Group employees gather around to spend a good time in New Year's Eve.

The celebration run with the company dinner and evening party.


Everywhere were decorated, what a lively festive party scene.

The celebration began with the song "Tomorrow will be better", then each segment sent elaborated comedy " News 2+2", "Daoxialiuren", "super happy shopping channel", "Safety Oversight YuSankuai in Fanglue "," moon rain "," Love and passion "," My Chinese Heart "alone / chorus, “SanJuban”, dance" empire "," Running Man,"Magic, light show and other 15 a program show on the stage.These programs are relate to everyone's daily work, but also include the wisdom and efforts of performers in every division , who expressed their love to work and Fanglue group from different angles,and pursuit of a better life. The party also interspersed recognition activities for the year 2015 outstanding team and advanced workers in Group. Before the end of the party, Supervision and auditing department leader Weigenshang read "Let’s run on the new starting point of Fanglue" wonderfully with a silver voice and deep feeling, the poertry had led the evening to a climax . As a witness of development in Fanglue ,he tells the story of the hardships of the strategy development process since the creation of the bonded logistics center and brilliant achievements, and vividly describes the mighty changes and new environment the Group implemented in 2015 . In 2016, the Fanglue group will enter a new starting point, he encouraged everyone to take action, and be totally confidence, make great efforts together toward a new journey.The emotional recitation conquered the whole audience, we can not help but have tears,All is immersed in the recollection of the past, toward the vision of the future too. The party ended with the cheerful rhythm of festival in the station management division chorus, "We are walking on the highroad", "Ode to the Motherland".


Group Vice Chairman MaZiqiang was deputed by the chairman of the commission on behalf of the Group to giving new year greetings.


Supervision and auditing department in Group selected programs: poetry recitation—"Let’s run on the new starting point of Fanglue ,"  which token the evening onto a climax.

In the party scene, the group leaders also step to every table, thank for everyone's hardworking.They toasted for a better future of the group.at the same time, the staff of the organizing committee also draw a raffle periodically, meanwhile fully integrated with interactive activities advanced information transmission technology to carry out a Wechat wall, message boards and distribute red packets, etc.,The activity has been actively involved in the presence of our colleagues in a great atmosphere.


Leaders and staff raised glasses to toast the New Year

2016 will be the second year after the Fanglue Group 6 Division was established and fully operated , but also the eighth year that Fanglue Bonded Logistics Center operated in June 2009 the block to acceptance.vitally,it is the first year A-share motherboard listing plan to start. This is the first New Year's Eve party after Fanglue group 6 division established . The party is intersection of such a spiritual and material, where the Fanghlue of the staff through the program, a video, raffle and other forms of participation, and feeling every little bit of progress of development, the memories of our own in Fanglue memorable years like a family, everyone's heart is gradually gathering to be together forever. This is a passion like many hands make light of fiery , a courage of forward power, as stated in poetry recitation: Come Let's run together on a new start of Fanglue, continue to create a new influence,dare to reach to new degrees!


Industrial Logistics Operations Division selected inspiring and exciting programs : chorus—"We are walking on the highroad", "Ode to the Motherland" ,  the party end in deeply nostalgia.