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All 6 Division in Group held 2015 annual debriefing conference
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According to the group arrangement, December 28-29 , 2015, the six Division in group staff have held the 2015 annual debriefing conference, the staff under the vice president in division and the VP themselves had debriefed in the scene. The group leader team and every principal in all division or department take part in the conference and made comprehensive appraisements.


Vice President of Network Technology Operations Division Heya yan (first form the right) are debriefing

In the debriefing, each debriefing personnel seriously summed up what they have done in work last year, including achievements, search, analyze the shortcomings and problems exist in the work of the division and the Group's development.The reasonable suggestions also are put forward ,  as well as The 2016 year work-plan were reported.

After everyone finished debriefing, the presence of officers scored debriefing from the multiple angles(hardship dedication, serious work of the initiative, responsibility, caring degree, job performance, performance.etc).


Other five Division in the debriefing scene, Vice President of Bonded Logistics Operations Division Chen Jinfeng (debriefing seat) are debriefing

The leaders are summarized after debriefing of every division were all finished, then The President made vital reviews. She pointed: From yesterday to today, every division has held the  debriefing conference , debriefing is "look back" to our  last year’s work, it is "look to the future" for the next work-year simultaneously. Through Everyone’s debriefing,makes us come to the front stage, so that their evaluation of their own have a recognition, let us evaluate each other and communicate. Moreover,give the Division and the Group a great chance to find someone gifted and select them,with recognition of excellence, because only the direction of training facilities, has also been a common understanding, work together to complete a solid foundation for 2016 common goals.In this time,I saw every one of you not only make statement of results objectively, and we’ve find the gaps, we also saw all of you been thinking for the sake the development of the group, put reasonable suggestions forward of a sincere heart actively, we plan to see the 2016, a new brilliance year that full with stronger faith and the attitude of determined to fight forever.


Network Technology Operations Division in debriefing conference ,Taiyuan

Within the background of collectivize management and division operating system ,2015 the pattern of division operations around the goals and tasks, have done their best to find ways, which is very heartening. Especially international logistics operations division, the team of young and energetic, and  able to endure hardship. Many new energy to join the network of Science and Technology Operations Division, and other structures for the Group's e-business operators and Internet banking platform, VI design and propagation play a breakthrough role. Industrial Operations Division is the Group's main front, to face the adverse situation in commodity markets, the adjustment strategy, and actively with the central enterprises, state-owned twinning active service to the advantage of the industry shift, so I reclaim market downturn, the East West does not shine bright. 2016 is the first year we start the listing plan, at this moment in history, let us start with the debriefing is to continue to hold the strategic flag of " An organic,Two Wings" high , always retains a sense of crisis, everyone dedication and solidarity, make persistent efforts, make unremitting efforts for the rapid development of the Group.