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The July 1 Activity
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In "July 1" coming to celebrate the 93th anniversary of the founding, on June 27th afternoon, center by department on the issue of the third floor conference room held "July 1" series of celebration activities, center all party member to participate in the activities.Activity shall be presided over by party deputy secretary who keep up with.






Party of activities during the meeting, the first led all party member to revisit the oath to the party.And then for the first excellent party member, outstanding party workers election activities.Elections take group, party member congress vote the way the three excellent party member;Produces outstanding party workers to take a show of 1.Then, read a good commendation decision by department and organize the recognition awards ceremony.


And then held a probationary party member positive activities.During the meeting, prepare expires this year due to positive applicants jun-jieh wang comrades to the conference proposed the obtainment of application, two party membership puts forward recommendations, where the group leader to party branch committee put forward the discussion opinions, party branch committee to the party congress put forward the review opinions, the last party congress for a vote by the comrade jun-jieh wang's application for positive.


And then, held the party constitution, emblem and distribution activities, deputy party secretary who follow around the party constitution, the emblem, flag, the party's historical origin of the oath, the party song for the teaching of basic common sense.


At last, the party secretary of the department of Ma Zijiang made important speeches.He pointed out that after the activities of the party organization should be regularly;To strengthen the connection between party members, give full play to the party member's positive energy, the party organization's main position.The masses of party members to ideological unity to the party constitution, to fully understand the current international and domestic situation, alert to the western anti-china forces and despicable attempt on the part of the domestic terrorist forces at any time to keep consistent with the central party committee, support the leadership of the party, support the party's decision, maintain the party's image, to stick to their beliefs, correcting the party motivation, firm confidence in the communist party.Combined with the current reality, is to learn by the developed, to the theory of communist culture "and other good book learning, improve personal moral cultivation, to curb and withstand all kinds of abuses, unity, do well the department completes the leadership in the standardization to carry out work, good service wholeheartedly for customer service, and serve better for others, to create strategies for this piece of pure land.


Party department also notified by the second half of the meeting, the party construction work plan.


In conclusion, the activity, it is by department in carrying out the party's mass line current education practice under the background of at a very good activity.Through activities, improve the people's perception of the current political, enhance the party member's group consciousness and party spirit training, unified everyone's way of thinking and understanding, established the party member's effort, make the broad masses of party members in order to good for mirror, constantly reinvent ourselves, consciously spontaneously into strategies of creating this piece of pure land of great historical flood, positive achievements in the development of the platform.

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