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Bonded logistics operations for wenxi grand glassware company in market research
日期:2016-04-06  发布人:admin  浏览量:197

        Under the new economic norm for better play to the bonded logistics center services in foreign trade activities of public platform, on March 30, 2016, the group of bonded logistics operations business professionals dedicated to shanxi wenxi grand glassware co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as wenxi grand) conducted a field survey.Through investigation and research, they have a lot of firsthand material, and create good conditions for export cooperation in the future.


        Wenxi grand was founded in 1993, in 1999 the expansion, covers an area of 100000 ㎡, is equipped with two high temperature hot bending (fuse) glass production line, with more than 5 plate of electric furnace, environmental protection original furnace and the present domestic most advanced spray color and equipment in the workshop.Main production household glass products, products include: daily glass, glass, glass, vase, hurricane lamp, Taiwan wax, etc.Enterprise through multiple global retailers to factory inspection.Products are exported to countries such as Sweden, the United States.At present in the artificial blown glass products ranked in the top 5 in the enterprises.



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