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Director Yan Shichun and his entourage came to survey and guide
日期:2016-04-06  发布人:admin  浏览量:101

In February 18, 2016, the Deputy Director of China Coal Trading Center (Taiyuan) Yan Shichun came to Fanglue to survey and guide with accompaniment of Houma Development Zone Party Working Committee Wu Zenglin, and deputy director of the Port Office, Wang Wei.

After Director Yan and his entourage came to B-district of international inland port zone. Firstly,he heard the explanation of situation which told by staff, and then came to the park for a field visit. Director Yan, of the Group Function Fanglue development process and bonded logistics center as a public platform for the province's economic and social development with a comprehensive understanding of the Group's initiative to adapt to the new normal through the research. To Fight against bad environment to promotion through innovation and transformation. achieve shall be carried out by a positive Fanglue to promote the purchase of overseas supply-side reform approach.


Deputy Director China Coal Trading Center (Taiyuan) Yan Shichun (second from right)came Group to survey and guide, accompanied by the deputy secretary of the Party Working Houma Development Zone Wu Zenglin (second from left) and the port office deputy director, Wang Wei(in the middle) .