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Leader Zhao Yiyang led his entourage to investigate and survey
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Jincheng Vice Mayor Zhao Yiyang and his entourage come to Fanglue Group to investigate and survey.


In December 18, Jincheng Vice Mayor Zhao Yiyang led business, construction, taxation and other departments, more than twenty people come to investigate and survey the Fanglue group in total. Chen Zhonghui, deputy Mayor of Linfen City, Houma Economic Development Zone Management Committee Director, Party Secretary Li Zhaoqi, deputy Party Secretary Ma Xingmin, Deputy Mayor Zheng Yumin, deputy Mayor Ji Shoubin, the government Secretary-General Wei Xirong surveyed together. Group Chairman and Vice Chairman Ma Ziqiang joined  the reception.


Zhao Yi Yang and his entourage came to Shanxi International Fanglue inland Bonded Port Zone, Fanglue Bonded Logistics Center(District- A),more than 20 people were visited to view, and then in the lounge They watched the advertising videos and had a discussion.


Zhao Yiyang and his entourage showed the admire to Group,which with the support of Linfen City, Houma City Hall, Houma Development Zone under the State relying on "4 ministries," Shanxi Fanglue approved Bonded Logistics Center on this common platform, based on local advantages, integration of multiple resources, innovative management to rolling development, and radiating outward province's economic development is deeply admired by the import and export business services, investment services. He will bring back the good practices Jincheng,to accelerate  the development of bonded logistics in Jincheng, and work with Fanglue Group together to promote the province's export-oriented economic development and accelerate the Opening-Plan.