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Shanxi Development And Reform Commission Jiang SiQing Accept Fanglue Effect
日期:2016-05-16  发布人:admin  浏览量:121

      On May 12, the Shanxi Province development and reform commission, deputy director of the party member, so to do full-time Jiang Siqing a line on the map of houma deputy director of the development zone, accompanied by secretary of the party working ke-ming MAO and other leaders, to visit my group strategies of shanxi international inland bonded port zone to carry out the inspection.In the park, he knew the field operation strategy of bonded logistics center construction, listened to the staff of the specific report, for history, it has established regulation characteristics, development, business scale, function advantage, role, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning ideas such as" have specific understanding, for promoting convenient customs clearance, reduce logistics cost, promote the investment promotion and capital introduction and service place to undertake industrial transfer, optimize the industrial structure adjustment, driving the development of social and economic aspects of radiation results give affirmation, he wants to plan bonded logistics center in the provincial "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" transformation of heddle change, implement open developing continue to brave the best, be a good benchmark, better play its unique role in public platform.