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Fanglue group with Letv company strategic cooperation was held in chengdu
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    Since March 24, 2016, three days of the 94th session of the national sugar &wine trade fair will be held in chengdu century city new international exhibition center was held.It's going to be a national food industry event.



Strategy group with Letv holding strategic cooperation conference held universal center paradise intercontinental hotel in chengdu


    Fair on the eve of my group chairman, network technology operations business President Chen Kejun, assistant chairman of Du Huaming line invited to and attended the Letv holding heaven at the intercontinental hotel in the center of the chengdu universal Letv - strategies for strategic cooperation conference.Houma deputy secretary and mayor Wang Xujie, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of map of houma Ma Xingmin has been invited to.



Letv holdings vice chairman li published excellent speech, publish, and strategies for strategic cooperation


    March 22 afternoon, Letv - strategies for strategic cooperation conference held on time.Letv controlled by management team, the leadership of houma and liquor industry giant, film and television entertainment stars gathered in the scene, and this historical moment together.



Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of map of houma Ma Xingmin delivered a speech at the scene


    After the conference, Letv holdings vice chairman li to introduce the guests to the Letv holding overall strategy, the development orientation and major business layout, focus on Letv holding interactions with the east - central strategy group, sharing of resources integration, and seek the long-term development of major policy decisions.Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of the communist party of China map of houma Ma Xingmin represents the houma government and local public platform strategy bonded logistics center in shanxi, agglomeration advantages, cooperation space, the basic situation of the government policy made brief explanation, for Letv - general plan of strategic cooperation hand in hand together for delivered a warm speech and heartfelt blessing, he wants more people of insight came to map of houma entrepreneurship and support Letv and strategies in the map of houma, benefit the local economy.Then Letv holdings, strategy group, houma government representatives toast Letv - strategy strategic cooperation.



The chengdu rum will live pomp, many guests were invited to attended the press conference of strategic cooperation, common witness this historic moment