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Beijing yuantong express company vice general manager Fang SongMing Inspection
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Group company supervision supervision minister who keep up with the new warehouse in the zone for Fang Songming before (left), general manager of a line to introduce situation

On February 24, 2016, Shanghai yuantong express (logistics) company, vice general manager of Beijing area Fang Songming a line, in the map of houma development zone management committee, deputy director of the Hao Huaiyu, deputy director of the ac ling-ling cui to group research cooperation, under the guidance of group supervision supervision minister who keep up with the accompanying research.

Fang Songming line of first group strategies of shanxi international inland bonded port zone of new warehouse group was investigated, and then carried on the on-the-spot investigation to park north gate location.By investigating, Fang Songming line and storage resources of the garden have a comprehensive understanding, especially for straight high-speed entrance, obvious advantages, near the north gate can be proposed as be sort of distribution center location is full of interest.After the investigation, said the two sides will follow up as soon as possible contact, communication and consultation, efforts to contribute to cooperation each other, driving the development of express delivery industry, serving local economic construction.

It is reported, Shanghai yuantong express (logistics) company, founded in May 2000, is a set of express delivery, the electronic commerce in the integration of large domestic famous express brand enterprises.