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Leader Li Zhaoqi researched the construction of projects
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Administrative Committee director of Houma Economic Development Zone, Party Secretary Li Zhaoqi researched the construction of projects.

From Offcial website of Houma Government (Reporter: Qin Mingzhong) In the forenoon of November 24, Li Chaoqi, Party Secretary who is also the director of the Administrative Committee from Houma Economic Development Zone,Deputy Party Secretary Ma Xing min, Municipal Committee, Political and Legal Committee Tian Huaiyu, braved the snow to came to Shanxi Fanglue Bonded Logistics Center in of foreign goods wharf site, researched the projects in scene and solve problems for the enterprise.People's Court,Administration of Xintian village and Zhang village, National Land Bureau, Port Office, Department of Agriculture and Forestry Committee and other related Department superintendents to participate in the research.
Accompanied with Li Hai, the President of Fanglue Group, Li Zhaoqi and his entourage checked the company's range of foreign goods wharf project construction location, land conditions and the progress of construction,to understanding the current difficulties and problems still exist detailed. Also visited the enterprise perimeter road construction of Fanglue Group, They analyzed the advantages Unify to Houma-Quwo City the fast-track construction can brought .
In the subsequent seminar, Li Zhaoqi pointed out that Shanxi  Fanglue Bonded Logistics Center is the most promising  company in Houma, which has been well concerned by Shanxi Province, Linfen City, Houma City. Municipal government instructed the superintendents for coordinating land acquisition difficulties and resolve business disputes are currently experiencing specially; Municipal government established headquarters,and deployed special forces to help companies formulate industry development plan, develop and implement specific measures to support enterprises; for existing land acquisition difficulties, in strict accordance with the law and legal procedures, and more communication and coordination with the masses, and effectively protect the legitimate interests of enterprises and the masses. He hoped that Fanglue Group to step up construction of bonded logistics center, to promote and  ensure the early completion of the project.